HAR announcement

Following the UK Government’s announcements earlier today of Hydrogen Allocation Round funding, East Midlands Hydrogen is delighted to share that HyMarnham Power has been selected as one of the eleven new production projects to receive funding to generate 9.3MW of power from green hydrogen.

HyMarnham Power is a joint venture between hydrogen pioneer GeoPura and sustainable waste processing leader JG Pears, and aims to develop the production, storage and transportation of low carbon hydrogen. Situated at the site of the former High Marnham coal-fired power station, its location is going to unlock key future renewable and hydrogen capabilities.

This funding allocation will really galvanise the progress that is already being made towards the site being ready for commercial operation by November 2024. HyMarnham Power is well positioned to meet the growing demand from large gas consumers in the Midlands and will help to significantly reduce carbon emissions, contributing to the local, regional, and national efforts to combat climate change and better protect our planet.