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Female Engineer Looking Out Of Van Cadent

Cadent’s next milestone is in early 2024, when they will submit a request to Ofgem for funding to undertake further engineering work, with the aim of starting construction in 2028.

Chinook 1 (1) Chinook H2
Chinook Hydrogen

Combining its patented technology with world class expertise in synthesis gas purification, Chinook bring to market hydrogen with net negative carbon emissions at industry leading pricing.

Gonz Ddl A1lm99kkqtg Unsplash Hymarnham Power

HyMarnham Power aims to develop the production, storage, and transportation of low carbon hydrogen.

Mercia Power Glossop015 Mercia

Mercia Power, Ltd are a key provider of flexible power response services to the UK electrical grid, helping to balance the supply of renewable energy with demand.

Newark British Sugar Factory Photo Britishsugarlogo 150318
British Sugar

British Sugar, as part of the ABF Sugar division, has targeted to reduce their carbon footprint by 30% by 2030.

Asphalt Plant Hanson Hansen

Hanson has been looking at the feasibility of using hydrogen as a fuel source for some of its production sites.

Geopura Hydrogen Power Unit Geopura Logo Main

GeoPura is a leading hydrogen innovator committed to driving the adoption of clean and sustainable energy solutions. GeoPura aims to reshape the energy landscape and accelerate the transition through zero emission fuels.

Pipe System Net Zero Hub
East Midlands Gateway

East Midlands Gateway is the highest ranked Midlands location to host a strategic regional transport and energy hub.

Two Males Testing Pipe East Midlands Freeport
East Midlands Freeport

It will sit under the umbrella of the East Midlands Institute of Technology (EMIoT), providing skills to meet the growing demands of the energy and advanced manufacturing sectors in the East Midlands.

RKP Hydrogen Hilux 107 Toyota Manufacturing UK
Toyota Hydrogen Hi-Lux

In the long-term, Toyota considers hydrogen and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles to be the ultimate environmentally friendly solution.

Uniper Siter Overview Uniper

Uniper has been working with regional partners to develop a vision for the future of the Ratcliffe power station site.

East Midlands Airport EM Airport
East Midlands Airport

Taking to the skies next with East Midlands Hydrogen and MAG East Midlands Airport — it’s such an exciting prospect to have hydrogen to decarbonise flights. East Midlands Airport is a core consortia member of East Midlands Hydrogen.

24 3 Luxfer G Stor Hydrosphere Luxfer Gas Cylinders logo
Luxfer Gas Cylinders

Luxfer has millions of cylinders in service around the world - and is investing significantly in solutions to store and transport hydrogen, connecting the dots of the hydrogen supply chain via virtual gas pipelines.

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Mercia Power Glossop Claire

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