Uniper Showcase

Uniper has been working with regional partners to develop a vision for the future of the Ratcliffe power station site, following closure of the existing coal-fired power station at the end of September 2024.

Uniper Siter Overview

This vision is focussed on the transition of the site to a zero-carbon technology and energy hub for the East Midlands, potentially including large-scale hydrogen production. This ambitious vision is reflected in the East Midland Freeport proposal and in the associated (draft) Local Development Order developed in conjunction with Rushcliffe Borough Council.

The site’s location and existing utility scale infrastructure make it a natural location for regional, industrial scale hydrogen production. 

Uniper, a pioneer in the field of hydrogen in Europe, is working with potential partners along the whole hydrogen value chain to further evaluate the feasibility of a large scale, low carbon hydrogen production facility at the Ratcliffe site.