HyMarnham Showcase

HyMarnham Power, a joint venture between hydrogen pioneer GeoPura and sustainable waste processing leader JG Pears, aims to develop the production, storage, and transportation of low carbon hydrogen. Representing a total initial investment of £50 million, the project is contributing to the hydrogen economy and driving significant strides towards the UK's net zero ambitions.

Landscape EMH

Harnessing the expertise of GeoPura and JG Pears, the site will be powered by 43 MW of new solar energy and utilises 8MW of electrolysers, establishing a long-term supply of low carbon hydrogen in the region.  

The East Midlands based project has been shortlisted for UK Government's Net Zero Hydrogen Fund. With a planned commercial operation date of November 2024, HyMarhham Power is well positioned to meet the growing demand from Midlands-based customers aiming to significantly reduce their carbon emissions, contributing to the local, regional and national efforts to combat climate change.

Situated at the site of the former High Marnham coal-fired power station, the project highlights the evolving landscape of renewable energy and how this can benefit from existing well-established infrastructure. Acquired by the JG Pears Group, the site has been earmarked as a key renewable energy hub and low-carbon technology site by Bassetlaw District Council. This strategic positioning is further bolstered by the site's active National Grid substation, unlocking the potential for future renewable and hydrogen capabilities.