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East Midlands Hydrogen is one sub-section of a wider programme called East Coast Hydrogen, which will create a 100% hydrogen pipeline network across the North East, Yorkshire and East Midlands.

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East Coast Hydrogen is a collaboration between Cadent, National Gas and Northern Gas Networks. Through the programme, the gas networks have received hydrogen demand forecasts from more than 200 sites across the full region, and the East Midlands section represents an impressive epicentre, contributing hydrogen forecasts from 70 of these sites (representing demand of 10TWh hydrogen demand by 2040) .

Furthermore, Cadent has received several forecasts from prospective low-carbon hydrogen producers within the region totalling 500MW of nameplate capacity.

In order to provide a market for the proposed hydrogen production and satisfy the hydrogen demand of these industrial sites, a pipeline will be required to transport 100% hydrogen.


Cadent is currently undertaking engineering design work (Pre-FEED) for the East Midlands section of this 100% hydrogen pipeline, which will be seeking to connect hydrogen producers to industrial hydrogen customers.  

Cadent’s next milestone is in early 2024, when they will submit a request to Ofgem for funding to undertake further engineering work, with the aim of starting construction in 2028.


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