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Chinook Hydrogen is part of the Chinook Sciences Group, based in Nottingham UK and New Jersey USA. The Group have developed and constructed 18 gasification and pyrolysis systems globally over the last 23 years that convert solid waste into hydrogen rich synthesis gas.

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Combining its patented technology with world class expertise in synthesis gas purification, Chinook bring to market hydrogen with net negative carbon emissions at industry leading pricing. Supplied hydrogen will be subject to a comprehensive quality assurance programme, including independent quality verification meeting the requirements of SAE J-2719 and ISO 14687 PME fuel cell specifications and the UK Low Carbon Hydrogen guidance.

A small-scale demonstration facility is already producing fuel cell grade hydrogen from waste and Chinook is developing a new plant to produce up to 10 tonnes of hydrogen per day in the Nottingham area from early 2026. Similar projects are also being developed in the Greater London area, UAE and USA.

Chinook looks forward to working with partners Cadent Gas Ltd and Reynolds Logistics Ltd to optimise the supply and distribution of its hydrogen production in the UK to downstream customers.


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