Toyota Hydrogen Hi-Lux Showcase

Toyota is a pioneer of low emission and sustainable solutions in its operations as well as its products. The company aims to remove harmful vehicle emissions, be a net contributor to environmental sustainability and improve the wellbeing of society.

RKP Hydrogen Hilux 107

For mobility, a range of complementary sustainable solutions is required to remove emissions, and different electrified approaches will be required during the transition to zero carbon — including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery and hydrogen fuel cell systems. 

In the long-term, Toyota considers hydrogen and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles to be the ultimate environmentally friendly solution, due both to their zero tailpipe emissions and their potential to support the circular economy.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK plants are helping to research, develop and implement hydrogen solutions, such as the Hydrogen Hilux prototype build in Burnaston, Derby. 

Renewable hydrogen also can complement society’s move to large scale sustainable energy to supply heat and power in an industrial setting, and Toyota is excited to be working to deliver a sustainable and better future for society in collaborations such as with East Midlands Hydrogen.