East Midlands Gateway Showcase

The M1 corridor through Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire presents high traffic flow, connectivity to vital components of the local economy; major employment sites and cities, multimodal transport links at East Midlands Airport, the rail connection at East Midlands Parkway and HS2 by 2030. East Midlands Gateway is a major employment site with a good grid connection and large distribution centres already established. 

EMH Truck

It is for all of these reasons that East Midlands Gateway is the highest ranked Midlands location to host a strategic regional transport and energy hub. Road freight vehicles are a particularly challenging area of transport to decarbonise. Providing a variety of recharging and alternative low-carbon re-fuelling infrastructure at a hub site can help support the transition of these vehicles to low-emission alternatives,  including hydrogen. A hub could also support a low carbon ‘last mile’ solution for goods being transported to local urban areas.